Business networking in Hertfordshire with G9

Business networking in Hertfordshire with G9

G9 business networking group - tips

The key to success - preparation.

At an average G9 meeting, you will have a chance to network with 30+ local business people - just check our membership list.

Before leaving for the meeting ensure that you have:

  • An adequate supply of business cards.
  • Any relevant collateral - try to avoid heavy packs of literature and opt for one-page newsletters or postcards.
  • Prepared your elevator pitch - we give guests a one-minute slot to promote their products and services. Use it wisely.

It is worth reviewing the membership list to make a note of anyone you particularly want to meet and remember that you can network with these people over breakfast in the restaurant (check the about us page for more information).

Try and keep your one-minute elevator pitch focused. If you provide a wide range of products and services then try and focus on one that people will remember. Be specific - ask for introductions into other local companies. People at G9 are well connected.

For more information about G9 read the about us page, or to book a place at our next meeting complete the online form - we look forward to meeting you.

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